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1 month ago

- I wrote this a while ago / but I can still feel it -

- I wrote this a while ago / but I can still feel it -

Submitting this to a writing contest, let me know what you think?

we draw up our lives

and create our own characters

eventually losing our will to be animated

it seems futile

in a world where everyone’s story ends

no promises, but for transience 


yet permanence is of few trifles

dear one,

in a world where you do not exist

to gift the everlasting 

with purpose


what is a book

without your animated hand

to leaf through its chapters,

its words meaningless 

without your fluency,

the adventure nothing

without your courage

to read on

3 months ago

we’ll never get there

we’ll never get there

Anonymous: Which post about friends growing apart is anon referring to?

It’s here:
Sorry, I’d put a better link but I’m on my phone. xx

Anonymous: You're a beautiful writer and the post about friends growing apart really hit home. I'm growing apart from my best friend and it really hurts. I just feel really alone right now.

Thank you kindly, and I know (obviously) how you feel. Growing apart from someone you were once close with is always hard, but just remember that everything happens for a reason. It may not seem like it right now, but sometimes we need distance in order to gain a different perspective. You’re not alone; if you ever need to chat, I will be here for you. Take care, xx

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